Week 10- My spirit guide

In Uncategorized on November 20, 2009 at 3:35 pm

Callie Harmon: Guitar
Charles Allison: Banjo, glockenspiel, keys, samples, drums, didgeridoo, voice

  1. oh yeah! i remember this one, i listened to it with my brother at work a few weeks ago and i said then it reminded my a little of david gray; listening to it again you have a more distinctive sound; this one is my favorite so far and am tempted to steal/buy it and play it really loud while driving.

    • Dearest Cat. If someone wants to drive to my music, that is a great compliment. Driving time is music time. I will see to it personally that you receive a copy of “My spirit guide” for your loud driving pleasure.

  2. I want driving music! I was thinking that a few minutes ago. If I had a CD of all this stuff, I’d be finding reasons to get in my car and drive somewhere…and I’d be taking it with me on the treadmill and going to my happy place. Oh yeah…y’all are that good. And did I tell you that my oldest daughter Jessica is always listening over my shoulder when I’ve got your music on (the other one is listening to Miley Cyrus in her room…hehe) 🙂

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