Week 11- Take your things and run away

In Uncategorized on November 27, 2009 at 3:52 am

(Recorded entirely with headphones as mics)

Bob Stagner: Drums, vibraphone
John Lazenby: Bass, Juno
Callie Harmon: Guitar
Charles Allison: Keys, Voice

  1. It even sounds good on lap top speakers. Quite a feat.

    • Awesome. did you use dummy heads or just straight up?

      • I just propped the headphones in front of the amps for all the instruments. On the drums, there was a pair over the drums with the phones folded out. A pair sitting on the kick drum and one right in front of the kick drum on the floor. I didn’t even really play around with placement like i would with mics.

  2. if you had them on dummy heads or even real heads I wonder if the EQ would be less rangy? I love it though.

  3. so smooth

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