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Week 15- The basest creatures

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Bob Stagner: Drums, shaker, piano
John Lazenby: Bass, Juno
Callie Harmon: Electric guitar
Charles Allison: Synth, Organ, Voice


Week 14- Some people

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John Lazenby: Mandolin, bass, piano
Callie Harmon: Guitar, Omnichord, kerosene heater, tamborine
Charles Allison: Voice

Week 13- The Island

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The Island instruments:
Callie Harmon: Guitar
Charles Allison: Samples, Acoustic, bass, keys, voice

Week 12- My beautiful highhorse

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Callie Harmon: Guitar
Charles Allison: Guitar, samples, keys, bass, voice

My view for this week's vocals a la ZZ Top. That's a Fat Tire Ale, btw. Very important detail.