Week 18- Devils in the details

In Uncategorized on January 15, 2010 at 4:32 pm

Callie Harmon: Guitar
Charles Allison: Bass, guitar, keys, tambourine, Voice

  1. this is really kool.u guys did the whole thing? thats awesome. i really love the beginning

  2. Thanks, ++MIRA++! We did the whole thing. Well, techically the division of labour was divided as such.
    All good parts: Charles and Callie
    All bad parts: The devil

  3. ok, so this brings me back to some chenille bumpies era goodness… so far my favorite of the project. i say “yes!” to the effects recorded in the take.

    • Funny you should mention Chenille Bumpies, because everything i did on Chenille Bumpies was printed, distorted drums and everything. F’ed it up right off the bat. I have an REV 7 and a PCM 90 now and i need to start using printed analog efx all the time.

  4. Hey… that gag is copywritt’d!! All good parts: ChopSuey’D. Git actually sounds a lil’ Matty V on this’n.

  5. Division of Labour: Them Anatomies.

  6. Aaron. I actually just read this in the context of the previous comments. All cleverness: Aaron McCullough. All copywritt’d infringement: Chaz Allison.

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