Week 33- Even Lake Louise

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Week 33- Even Lake Louise by Charles Allison

Even Lake Louise can’t wash soiled memories from a clean conscience
So my heart cries on sleeves tied as tourniquets
tighter as the swell ebbs

A thousand miles away but my father’s cologne fills my olfactory
making pine more Brut
Groping thorns imbed like white knuckles and heat
and i hear my mother’s scream in the night wind

Trails wind around the lake but always back to the same place where tourists park and make out
with a still life
Japanese please to thank you
Man’s architecture crumbling at F/2 stop
this mad cyclical family ritual

Can’t seem to escape that i hate twenty five years of batteries gone too low to play
Co-robbery of youth and wanting to stave the damn beast

Even Lake Louise cascades to some less beautiful place
more impure as it does
And all innocence spirals down the same drain
at war with filth
we’re at war with filth

Bob Stagner: Drums
Callie Harmon: Electric guitar, Vibraphone
John Lazenby III: Bass
Charles Allison: Voice


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