Week 36- Some Italian ice cream truck

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Week 36- Some Italian ice cream truck by Charles Allison

Bob Stagner: King of the world, vault of lost/found sounds, chattanooga canister, homemade xylophone, fanned thunder spring drums, Bosch drill, etc.
Callie Harmon: Old fan, plastic Walmart bag, hand saw with mallet.
Charles Allison: Wine glasses, propane tank, cooking pots, bars from a toy piano
John Lazenby III: Didgeridoo

Land Camera went into this week with the idea that we wouldn’t be using any instruments. At least not anything you would normally consider a standard instrument. One could argue that everything is an instrument. I might argue that myself. All matter has a resonant frequency, be it audible or euphonic. This is all semantic, and i don’t mess about with semantics much anymore.

At any rate, we entered this week’s challenge excited about checking any pop music conventions at the door. By the time I got down to the studio, Bob had surrounded himself with a bevy of stuff. That’s what it was. Just random stuff you’d find anywhere in your house. There were some wood blocks, a small electric fan, a propane tank… I think that was a propane tank. I had a pot and some shaker-ish things and some thin resonant wine glasses and a water bottle to experiment with tuning them to different pitches. Bob shared his wealth of stuff with the other guys. We started right away at honing in on something that made sense. It didn’t take long. John’s courageous “last breath” stopped us all in unison. And then we had a good laugh and it was over.


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