Week 37- You set yourself up

In Uncategorized on May 29, 2010 at 12:34 pm

Week 37- You set yourself up by Charles Allison

I started this week off like many of these with the hopes and opportunity to do something with my band Land Camera. We had a session on tuesday that was good but i wasn’t terribly motivated to pull something out of it for this week’s song. I’ve made an incredible amount of these songs with them and they’ve been amazingly fluid and fun to make but this week just wasn’t as happening as most of those.

So later in the week. ie: last night, i started thinking about what i wanted to do. I needed to so something on my own and i wanted to get in a different space to do it; physically and mentally.

I’m building a woodshop out in my detached garage, and i wanted to do something out there. Its very rough and dirty and Its a much more live space than my studio and i wanted to use that for character. Even though its close to the studio, the logistics of setting levels and running back and forth was not at all appealing so the obvious choice to record it was my battery-powered Zoom H4 stereo recorder.

I wrote the song in a about 30 or 40 minutes and i recorded it in a few takes. I recorded some vocal harmonies on the copperphone once i imported the track to PT. I decided about half way through that i wanted to video the song also. That, as with all my video endeavors, was a complete disaster and is why you don’t see a video.

Charles Allison: Acoustic guitar, voice


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